February 16, 2011

2011 Road To The Roses Fantasy Derby League

        WinStar Farms and Twinspires.com are hosting THE Road To The Roses fantasy horse racing contest.  The prizes for this thing are very nice and the first race that counts isn't until February 26th. So, you have time to enter.  We have started our own league inside this contest.  The League Name is "Stride Road To The Roses" with a League # of 1313038988 and an Activation Code of #4192170078.

     In addition to the prizes being offered in the contest, Stride LIVE will give the winner of our league a DVD with the Zenyatta video in HD. Of course, you have to beat us. Our selections are to the left.  It is kind of tough this time of year. Everyone wants to put Uncle Mo on their list, but who knows how he will run as a three-year-old.  You also have To Honor And Serve on the shelf waiting to make his 2011 debut. So, knowing that Uncle Mo and To Honor And Serve were #1 and #2 made those two pics easy, but the rest were incredibly hard. Had to go digging underground and go surfing to come up with the developing horses that might generate points.  The same can be said for the trainer selection. Todd Pletcher is a given, but after that, who has more than one horse? We went with Baffert because he always seems to get horses ready around this time of year, but he is no guarantee.

League Name: Stride Road To The Roses, League #1313038988, Activation Code #4192170078

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