March 28, 2011

Kentucky Confidential!!!

     The clock is ticking and there are only a few more major Kentucky Derby prep races to be run. Finding interesting insight into the Derby experience can be challenging. Yes, everyone has their Top 10 lists, but Derby is about more than just the horses.
     While we at Stride LIVE are out there trying to bring you much of this, there is another new venture that’s aims to bring you so far inside the Derby insanity one might think an owner’s or trainer’s license should be required. We should also mention that many of the same photographic providers for Stride LIVE are helping out with this new website – Kentucky Confidential.
     You really should check them out @  The best part of KYC is their funding concept. Unlike the current print magazine where you shell out a chunk of money and you might get four or five real stories for your $6 and the rest are ads, you decide how much the content is worth. That’s right – YOU DECIDE.
     Through an interesting website called (, the readers pledges money up front.  The founders of Kentucky Confidential have a number in mind that will fund all of the writers, editors, videographers and photographers.
     Having wandered out into the publishing world ourselves at Stride LIVE, we know how expensive it is to put out a quality product. Look at their product, look at their stable of writers. It is crazy good.
     Stride LIVE suggests you look at Kentucky Confidential and the pledge page at  If you like this idea and you like this content – please support it. We think this platform is a winner. It could be the prototype that finally gives thoroughbred racing fans an intimate look into the sport they love so much.
     Go here to support Kentucky Confidential - Also, be on the lookout for the announcement of a special Kentucky Derby experience sponsored by Kentucky Confidential and Eclipse Sportswire.

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