March 19, 2011

Spring Has Arrived At Oaklawn Park

     On the day before the official start of Spring, the forces of nature served up 70-degree, partly cloudy weather for Rebel Stakes Day.  After suffering through a brutal winter, even in the normally temperate Hot Springs, more than 40,000 fans showed up to join in the party and catch some great racing.
     Here are some early scenes from the track. 



  1. The stands are full becuase nobody is betting. All those people and on track handle only averages 70-75 dollars per bettor. If you can't afford to take at least 4 bills to the track stay home !!!!

  2. Respectfully, we at Stride have to disagree. Part of the allure of racing, especially during tough economic times, is that every person, no matter how deep their pockets, can be a fan. Look at the vast support of Seabiscuit and Secretariat as evidence of that. While you might need $400 or more to enjoy a day at the races, the folks who bring $50 or $75 have fun too and their contribution to racing should not be discounted.